Youth and Social Economy, Support Youth Initiatives (Youth in Action Programme)

The Development’s and Entrepreneurship’s Center implemented during May 2015 the project entitled “Youth & Social Economy” under the “Support for New Initiatives” of the General Secretariat for Youth and was financed by the EU Programme “Youth in Action”.

The project aimed at proposing solutions for combating youth unemployment and promoting the idea of social economy at national and regional level as an answer to the unemployment issue. Furthermore, the project aimed at the provision of information services for young entrepreneurs in order to approach, raise awareness and inform young people for the benefits of the social economy. Moreover, during the project, success stories of social entrepreneurship were presented as an answer to the question of youth unemployment. Finally, the program was designed and implemented in order to highlight the use of new technologies for enhancing competitiveness and to create a network of cooperation among participants in the social economy and members of social business as a coherent step for future collaborations.

During the project, two workshops were implemented in Athens and Thessaloniki for the promotion of capacity-building issues through non-formal learning. Support info-kiosks were created during these events in order to promote them. The creation of a website, radio-spots, the expanded use of social media to promote the idea of social economy and the creation and distribution of promotional and educational material in printed and electronic form (leaflets, cd’s) for the social economy strengthened the dissemination of the project. These promotional materials aimed at improving supportive structures that enhance youth entrepreneurship and the corresponding youth initiatives. Also during the project, the networking among domestic social economy youth centers, associations and NGOs active in the youth sector, both domestic and abroad was strengthened , aiming at further investment in the Greek youth sector. Moreover, there was bilateral interaction of the business consultants with the young people aiming at developing social economy and entrepreneurship.

For more information about the project, you can visit the website

Radio Spot Athens

Radio Spot Thessaloniki

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