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Φορέας:Informal group “Forward it”


YouthApp was a youth exchange that was implemented on Thasos island Greece, from 2 till 8 November 2016. In the project 30 young people (18-30 yo) were involved,from five European countries, Greece,Estonia,Latvia,Turkey and Poland. The participants, were coming from different cultural backgrounds and disadvantaging environments. Two facilitators was guiding the youngsters through formal and non formal educational methods. The participants cooperated in multicultural groups and they created 4 mobile applications. The applications are available on our blog (https://jescapethassos.wordpress.com/2016/12/20/youthappοι-νέοι-φτιάχνουν-τις-δικες-τους-εφα/)

Through the activities, the participants succeed to empower their bonds, improved their communication abilities and reach their goals.

We promoted the active youth participation, through daily activities (energizers,group dynamics,linguistic games)and experiential learning. Their participation in various activities and the work in multicultural groups, helped the improvement of their social and digital skills and developed their personal learning. The participants were able to take initiatives and create new business plans, which they can apply to their organizations and their local communities. In order to achieve the desired results, we used formal and non-formal learning methods, such as working in intercultural groups, surveys, brainstorming, discussions and exchange of views,daily evaluations and using of digital media.

At the same time, tolerance and solidarity among European youths from different backgrounds was promoted, mutual cooperation and mutual assistance was developed, youth participation was strengthened, young people’s digital skills was enriched and equal opportunities were given to them. They undertook specific responsibilities through their activation before the exchange and participating actively in the different daily tasks in intercultural animation activities, and in controversial debates during the project.

The applications are available at https://jescapethassos.wordpress.com/2016/12/20/youthappοι-νέοι-φτιάχνουν-τις-δικες-τους-εφα/