KA1-Mobility of Youth Workers-You E.S.S.E.N.T.I.A.L



YOU ESSENTIAL who stands for Young Entrepreneurship through Solidarity and Social Economy in Non- formal Training with Intercultural Approaches Learning is a training course for Youth workers and young leaders under ERASMUS+ KA1 Learning Mobility of Youth Workers and Young leaders.

The topic is about youth unemployment and solutions offered through social economy with non-formal learning approaches. Youth unemployment has been recognized as a PRIORITY and THE MOST URGENT YOUTH PROBLEM all around the world. EUROSTAT sadly announced that Youth Unemployment Rate in Greece, increased to 51.90 percent in January 2016 from 48.90 percent in December of 2015. These disappointing results are also against the EU commission strategy and priorities for 2014 -2020, planning to decrease European Youth unemployment rate.


The main aim of YOU ESSENTIAL project is to find an additional innovative source of employment by solving social and environmental problems in the countries, which are part of the project and to encourage and support the development of a new generation of social entrepreneurs In fact, YOU ESSENTIAL project offered the space and the opportunity for 35 people from 8 EU programme countries such as Greece, Italy, Estonia, Sweden, UK and Romania to learn in an innovative learning environment where the youth is actively engaged in their learning process and the understanding is based on a connection between emotions, motivations and cognition. In this space, they reflected, shared, experimented, discussed by using tools of non-formal and informal education in the youth field (Forum Theatre, living library, role play, etc.).

Training and accommodation took place at the wonderful location of Castello Antico Hotel http://www.castelloantico.com/, nearby Githeion, Greece, from 15th to 21st December 2016.


All these partners and their participants will bring best practices from their countries to learn and reflect and transfer into the reality the most interesting elements. At the end of the project it is expected to have concrete ideas for social ventures, to create an on-line platform (blog) http://youessentialproject.blogspot.it/ for mapping the social entrepreneurship opportunities in the countries part of this project and to continue the cooperation and networking between the participants.