A bilateral youth exchange, “Life Skills for promoting youth participation ” was held in Thessaloniki and Municipality Pilea Hortiatis from 14 to 22/4/2017. Sixty beneficiary newcomers at the Program Erasmus+ Youth, young people actively participated in all stages of planning, applying, prepare, implement and evaluation of the project. The activities was carried out by a core group of  facilitators of learning, supported in a voluntary base by a youth trainer from the beginning to the end. The topic of the youth exchange was “Life Skills for promoting youth participation”. These activities offered space for interaction, sharing and avoiding passive listening; allowed participants to contribute to the activities with their own knowledge and skills; ensured that beneficiary youngsters will have influence over project decisions; allowed youngsters to undertake their own analyses. The target group was youngsters aged 14 – 22 years old. Concrete products were created during the mobility and shown to the action day and uploaded to social media, promoting a message about the common values of the team. The preparation of the program was carried out by the youngsters who will participate in the program, helping to write the application and the definition of the program and individual activities (internal and external). Through education in life skills participants developed knowledge and understanding, values and attitudes, abilities and skills.




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