iNFLuence+ : To make an influence supporting life skills with non-formal learning training course
Training Course
13-18 May 2017 | Turkey


Nowadays, one of the biggest needs of youth workers is to be able to stay optimistic and willing to create a better society. Youth workers, as pioneers in the youth field, face many challenges to be successful to make a positive influence on young people. In this course youth workers will be able to raise their capacity by experiencing life skill tools related with emotional intelligence, wellbeing, stress management, group dynamics and active participation, which they can apply in their daily work with young people. This will help youth workers to gain insights on how to bring a dynamic change in young people’s lives. Participants will get a chance to reflect on themselves and start to explore their full potentials. This experience will allow them to support young people to discover their own strengths.

We believe that you have to start working on yourself to be able to make a positive influence. iNFLuence+ will stimulate development of life skill competences and professional growth of youth workers. During the training course, participants will share their experiences and work realities. After identifying what is meant by life skills, the focus will be on various topics related to life skills development. The approach is based on psychoeducation and non-formal learning supporting participants to experience the tools themselves and explore the potential of the tools in their own realities.

The Training Course is recommended for Youth workers, Youth leaders, youth leaders who work with youngsters in different settings and want to get a better understanding of themselves and learn new methods to empower young people.

Costs: Hellenic National Agency will cover 95% of your travel costs. Accommodation and food costs will be covered by the National Agency of Turkey.

For more information about the training and submission of the application form, you should visit:

Application Deadline: 23 March 2017

For further information, please contact Mrs. Nora Tsirigoti, tel 2131314460, email:


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