K.S.D.E.O “EDRA” participated in the transnational seminar about networking of organisations, under the Erasmus Plus 2014-2020 – K1 – Mobility of young people and youth workers, organized by the organization “One Terrene International “, during 20-25 February 2016 in London. Apart from Greek participants, 22 more representatives from Kosovo, Hungary, Jordan, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Estonia, Cyprus and the United Kingdom took part in the program.

During the 6-day project, the participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas and express their concerns, fears, suggestions and proposals about health system in different countries, education system, the promotion of healthy lifestyles for young people, human rights, working environment and the difficulties encountered by citizens of non- European countries.

More specifically, as Mary and Margaret, the two Greek participants, mentioned:

We worked in groups discussing about immigrants’ rights and how can we raise their awareness in order to claim their rights, how to boost their active participation in the community they live in as well as the tools means needed in order to achieve the abovementioned goals. At the end of the working groups, results were presented in plenary session.”

“Moreover, during the working groups, we discussed issues about participants’ national public health systems, active participation of citizens and ways to promote a healthier way of living.”

“Particular attention was given to prevention, healthy diet, understanding of our body needs and personal development eg. psychotherapy as a body stimulant, both mentally and physically. At the end of the working groups, results were presented in plenary sessions.”

Through plenty experiential non-formal learning activities, participants had the opportunity to develop collective, creative, spiritual and digital skills and received Youthpass certificate for their participation in the project.

During the final day of the project, participants created and presented short videos on the topics discussed, such as a country’s benefits of being a European Union state, the willingness of other states to join EU, anti-racist messages, etc

Also, the participants got the opportunity to experience culture, traditions, customs, and flavors of the other countries that participated in the seminar, by organizing intercultural evenings (Cultural Nights), but also to present their country, Greece.

More information about the project you can find following the link http://volunteersinedra.blogspot.gr/2016/03/contact-making-seminarcms-united.html?spref=fb  and https://www.otinternational.org

Photographs from the Project

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