About me: With Erasmus+ we have the opportunity to learn co-operative work and to create good things with other youngsters from all over the world. Ι participated in many interesting Training Courses and Projects in Europe and Asia. I am actually a German language teacher working at the moment in the “Arsakeio” private School of Thessaloniki and lately in the Lifelong Learning Centers (K.D.V.M), providing the value of lifelong learning and creating a positive attitude towards learning for all citizens (unemployed and employees), regardless of gender, education level, country of origin, religion, place of residence, youths, students, etc., with the only condition of their interest for knowledge and active participation. My teaching methods are based on non-formal learning, mainly through experiential exercises in working groups. Although my Studies are part of the formal learning, I have a Master of Education in Didactic, where I worked on a case study and scientific research in foreign language learning through digital Media specifically “social Networking”. Before that I worked in the public Austrian school in Klagenfurt through the Sokrates/Comenius program, where I taught the Greek culture through dance, history, mythology, religion and language classes and with non-formal learning methods. During this period I studied at the same time in the Alpen-Adria University of Klagenfurt, where I participated in an intercultural project, which was presented to the national TV station ORF. Besides I am a member of the European community “Teachers4europe” in Greece supported by the European Commission in Greece among very motivated teachers in my country working on Projects about Europe and I worked for many years in the greek public primary schools and in a public educational Intitute. Βesides this I am volunteer in the Subtitling Workshop of the Panhellenic Association of german teachers. I am Examiner at the Language Certificate State Exams for German (ΚΠγ) of the Ministry of Education and also an Examiner in the Austrian Institute for the ÖSD Examinations worldwide. Regarding the work with people with disabilities I participated in the program “Young and volunteering” of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, where I helped in the organization with recreational activities for young people with disabilities in the Special Entertainment Center Municipality of Thessaloniki. At the same moment I was a volunteer in design and implementation of artistic actions in kindergartens of Thessaloniki. Finally Ι love to dance Salsa and Kizomba and do a lot of sport activities. I strongly believe in the Lifelong Learning and one of my mottos in life is:
”Learn to change yourself and change yourself in order to learn”
Greek, English, German
Fields of Expertise: Youth, Adult Education, Foreign languages education, Structure Dialogue, Salto, EVS, European Citizenship, Social Inclusion


Contact Information
Email: koutkathy@yahoo.com
Telephone: +306948046622
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