About me:

I am a Social Worker with a Master’s Degree in Applied Research for Community Development and Social Cohesion. I have a certificate of pedagogical and teaching competency and a certificate of counseling and vocational guidance. I, also, have the Certificate of Proficiency in English (Cambridge & Michigan), the ECDL Core Certificate and I have participated in the two-year programme for Advanced Diploma in TESOL. I have a good command of SPSS and I know the reading and writing system for the blind and the visually impaired (Braille). I am a trainer for the Magnesia Lifelong Learning Center and for the Erasmus+ and I have taken part as a participant in a Youth Exchange in Slovenia and in a TCA in Portugal.
I currently work as a social worker in a primary school for pupils with disabilities and I have, also, worked as a social worker in the Centre for Diagnosis and Support for students with disabilities in Magnesia. I have been a social worker  in the Department of Social Support in the Municipality of Almiros and in the NGO PRAKSIS for the “STEGI” programme for asylum seekers.  I have been a trainer in Magnesia Parent School and in the programme “Protecting Myself and Others” (handling crisis situations). I was an intern in the NGO Doctors Without Borders and a volunteer for the NGO PRAKSIS and for KETHEA (Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals).
I have carried out research on the factors that could lead to wrongful convictions and I have published my work. I have, also, studied the pathological gambling phenomenon and the problem of school bullying.
Languages: English
Fields of Expertise: Vulnerable groups


Contact Information
Email: ppdmar@yahoo.gr
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