The Mobility project (mobility of youth workers) “Stay Fit -Stay Calm” was implemented by the NGO AENAO – Center of Non Formal Education in Thessaloniki (1 -9 March 2015) where 41 participants from 10 EU countries (Italy, Romania, Spain, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Croatia, Cyprus and Greece) had the opportunity to interact, get sensitive and adapt into the grouping order to learn and develop their personal creativity. The participants got familiar with concepts such as healthy lifestyle and wellbeing through outdoor activities. The project aimed to encourage young people to adopt an active,energetic and dynamic way of life while spending time outdoors. In order to overcome the psychological stress, people need to get out, to get in touch with nature and have fun! It is as simple as that! Involvement in “healthy behaviors” (physical exercise, outdoor activities) is definitely a means of improving the quality of life and mental health.

The mobility project “Stay Fit -Stay Calm” was implemented in the context of non-formal education settings, through the use of experiential learning tools emphasizing the individual needs of the participants and their diversity.

The outcomes of the project were the participants to get involved with healthy behaviors such as physical activity, alternative medicine and healthy diet, in order to improve their quality of life and mental health, to develop personal skills, theoretical and psychological, in order to manage psychological issues and to work in a safe environment.

Moreover, young people and youth workers involved in the project exchanged intercultural traditional outdoor activities, played sports and stayed fit and understood the importance of inclusion through outdoor activities. They also participated in training through methods and principles of non-formal education and got in contact with young people, during their visit to the Sea Scouts in Thessaloniki realizing the importance of volunteering and outdoor activities.

Photos from the Project. 

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