What is SPLUS II?
SPLUS II is a follow-up of the SPORT PLUS: LOOKING UP NEW GOALS Training Course. SPLUS II is an 8-day training course (TC), under KA1 of the Erasmus+ programme, organised and hosted by Proposito Inadiavel in Marvão, Portugal.

SPLUS II was designed to provide participants with skills and knowledge on new ways to use sport as an educational tool for the promotion of social inclusion. It raised awareness about the EU and its measures in the field of sport under the Erasmus+ Programme, thus providing participants with competences necessary for the development of youth and sport projects. The training stimulated the creation of synergies and networks between the fields of youth and sport through the active involvement of the participants and their sending organizations into the implementation of the project.
The group visited the headquarters of a local sport initiative, a federation of 10 municipalities holding the “North Alentejo Games” annually. There they exchanged opinions and learned about the target groups of the games and the organization. Targeting mainly older adults and disabled people, these games are a remarkable event based on sport as tool for inclusion within local communities.

Participants and countries:
More than 30 youth workers, project managers for youth and youth leaders, interested in the topic of sport from Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Casa da Cultura, Marvão, Portugal

– To promote sport as educational tool for social inclusion
– To develop knowledge about non-formal methods of learning in the fields of youth and sport
– To introduce Erasmus+ and other opportunities for strengthening cooperation

Coherent with the main theme of the course the working methods promoted participants’ active participation and learning. The course was based on “learning by doing”, meaning that participants learned about sport through non-formal learning by exploring and experiencing the topics themselves and not through receiving information passively. Informative sessions were integrated into the programme in an interactive way.
The methodological approaches used were experiential learning, cooperative learning, participation and peer learning. The main methods implemented were: brainstorming, team building activities and energizers, interactive and creative presentations, role-playing, Open Space Technology, etc.


The participants’ view
On Saturday, 7 March, the Greek team was assembled in El.Benizelos for our first meeting. We had plenty of time during the flights to discuss the expectations, ideas and also our concerns. It was our first TC so we didn’t know what to expect, but the moment we arrived at Lisbon airport and started meeting the other participants all of our concerns faded away.
After a long trip we finally arrived in the majestic Marvão. A new team was formed: 27 participants, 2 trainers and 1 coordinator – all of us with a common goal: to share, to discuss, to learn and to have fun. The topic was ‘’sports as a means of social inclusion’’.

During these intense 7 days with the guidance of our trainers we managed to discuss and analyze every aspect of the topic, through daily workshops and outdoor activities.

Our days in Marvão can only be described as once in a lifetime experience. Not only did we made new friends and had a great time but we also managed to learn about the current situation concerning the discussed topic in each country, exchange experiences and through the intercultural evenings we shared many interesting facts about each other’s cultures.

Last but not least we would like to share a few words about the experience individually.

Eleni, It was my first experience in a TC and it was definitely fascinating. I met amazing people who gave me new ideas and made me see things from a different point of view. The fact that surprised me the most was that in such a short period of time we all managed to get close and become good friends. I think that the scheduled activities contributed to that bonding because we had to cooperate and interact with everyone through the teams. I will never forget the days I spend in Marvão with everyone. Thank you for this unique opportunity!
Paraskevi, A small fairytale village in Eastern Portugal. A castle from the 13th century. Pictures taken like from “Alice in Wonderland”. 9 countries, 27 participants, one family. 7 days of workshops, 7 days of teamwork, 7 days of fun. Altino, Boyka, Carla: Unique persons. Great ideas, great Job, great experience. Thank you for everything!
Chris, How can I describe my experience with only a few words? I could never imagine myself getting so close with so many people from all over Europe. What I want is to share a wish: I want to visit everyone’s country and meet them again. Many think that this kind of friendship won’t ever last, but here I am to prove them wrong. Special thanks to everyone, especially Altino , Boyka and Carla.
Thodoris, 27 different persons became one family in a dreamy castle in Portugal. They were living together for 7 days and shared knowledge, jokes and experiences. It was a unique experience for all. Special thanks to Altino, Carla and Boyka for this opportunity which gave to all of us. Teamwork, smile and good spirit were our basic features.

More info: http://interaliaproject.com/news.php?id=111

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