New website – making youth information providers visible throughout Europe

Eurodesk, a youth information network of more than 1200 local information providers in 34 countries, released its revamped corporate website to the public on 9th March at the URL address The site aims to connect youth information providers in Europe and offer young people easy access to local youth information points.

The new website functions as a digital business card. It gives face to the youth information providers as Eurodesk multipliers in Europe.

The main feature of the site is a map where personnel of national coordination offices and Eurodesk multipliers are displayed. Each person has a profile with job function, spoken languages, hours of availability, description of tasks at the respected organisations and the area of expertise. The Eurodesk network can easily be contacted via a contact form, their website or through their offices’ access details. The number of European information points is still increasing. Regularly visit the site for the most recent multipliers.

The deadline reminder has been redesigned and added to the new website. It lists upcoming application deadlines of learning mobility opportunities, generated for four month periods. is also a gateway to national Eurodesk websites. Visitors can easily click through the Eurodesk content of their own country. Sending a request to join the organisation as a multiplier has become smoother. Youth workers can read the available Eurodesk services at European level and in a few steps they can indicate their interest on a form.

With the newly launched site, Eurodesk aims to connect its expanding network of multipliers, as well as inform young people about local youth information points, making youth information close and accessible.

About Eurodesk

With a network of national coordinators connected to over 1200 local youth workers in 34 European countries, Eurodesk is one of the main sources of information on European policies and learning mobility opportunities for young people. Eurodesk operates as a permanent support structure for the EU’s Erasmus+ programme. The network also updates and manages content on the European Youth Portal.

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