Capacity Building project by the Association of Active Youths of Florina



Social Economy Entrepreneurship Development Skills (SEEDS) is a Capacity Building project in the field of Youth co-funded by the European Union under Erasmus+ programme. The project consists of a team representing 9 countries (4 from Latin America and 5 from Europe) and its duration is two years (March 2015 – February 2017).

The aim of the project is to contribute to the development of the social economy and social entrepreneurship practice in the non-governmental sector, as an instrument for achieving financial self-sustainability and organizational development.

The project has three main objectives:

  • Promote the concept and practice of social economy among the local communities and the NGOs involved in the project
  • The creation of a competence development instrument in the area of social entrepreneurship and project management by creating and testing a fit-all workshop and training modules toolkit
  • The development of a framework for cross-sectoral sharing of good practices between social entrepreneurship ventures and NGOs

During the implementation phase there will be several training courses, job-shadowing placements, visibility tools development, creation of toolkit for NGOs, testing of the toolkit in local communities and up-date it based on the results. The first meeting of the project will take place in Florina, Greece, between 10-15 of June 2015 under the responsibility of Association of Active Youths of Florina, the beneficiary of the project.