Who is not shouting can not be heard.

My EVS…. Hard to explain everything that is included in these three letters. Personally for me personally it means a lot of experiences, overcoming obstacles, learning about myself, opening my mind, getting to know other cultures, new friends, adventure, laughing, crying and much more.

When I remember the moment that I have learned I would really participate in the EVS project in SCI Hellas in Athens in January 2012, I remember the panic of my family because of the current political situation, of the strikes and the demonstrations, and the jokes of my friends if I have packed enough canned food with me. But mainly I remember the feeling of excitement and expectation.

After my arrival to Greece, I have realized that Athens is not on fire during every demonstration as it seemed in the media and that people actually live quiet life here – as much as it is actually possible in a city as big as Athens. Still the first months were quite tough for me and I had to face new challenges every day – confused transportation, people shouting all the time, last minute planning and surprisingly also cold…. Coming from central Europe I surely didn’t expect being cold in Greece.

And there was also the project, organising voluntary and raising awareness projects. I have applied because of my passion for workcamps and I was really hoping to learn as much as I could and enjoy every moment. But challenges kept coming one after another….

Martina Kratka
SCI Hellas

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