Youth Exchange, “Their homes are taken, their futures”


Horizons for Youth implemented the Youth Exchange project under the title “Their homes are taken, their futures not” which took place on the island of Chios on 24/4- 1/5/2017.

This Youth Exchange project focused on raising awareness of refugee and migrant inclusion topic, through non-formal and lifelong learning activities. The aim of the project was to make participants aware of the migration problem and for this reason the participants visited the Temporary Refugee Camp where they had the opportunity to observe their living conditions, discuss with refugees and volunteers and listen to their stories.

During the exchange, the participants also visited the “Unaccompanied Children’s Home” where they met the children that live within the structure. In addition, the participants implemented “city interviews” and explored the attitude of the local community towards refugees. During these “city interviews”, the participant inform people and raised their awareness about realities they might have been not aware of.