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NOT Another Blow-job

On 2012 but still nowadays all around Europe the youth unemployment is increasing and there are countries such as Greece and Spain where 50% of young people are unemployed. Young workers there are getting fired after 3 months or they have to sign 2-6 months contract in order to get any job. Blow-job is exactly that kind of job that is temporary and as the wind blows, throws you once again to the unemployment field after a while. “NOT Another Blow-job”- it was more than a project title as express the demand of all the young people all around Europe for stability, dignity, respect, work, Social Rights and a better future.

During the 7 days of the Youth Exchange “NOT Another Blow-job”, which took place in Greece, Olympic Village – Athens 18-26 October 2012, 42 young people from 7 different countries – Greece, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Sweden, Hungary and Slovenia shared opinions and ideas on unemployment and the lack of awareness of opportunities. They were informed how they can go about finding and getting a job, in which projects they can be involved, how they can fill the Youth pass, Euro pass  CV, write good Motivation Letter and apply for different vacancies.

Youth  informed about very important things such as filling of job applications, working with job databases and career centres, how to pass a job interview and how to behave during these scenarios. Emphasis was given to Youth in Action Programme  and especially European Voluntary Service as an opportunity for youth to get involved in various activities.

Through a youthful and enjoyable program of activities young people exchanged realities experienced good practices, informed for jobs that exist but are not popular among the youth, experienced European mobility programs such as EURES, Erasmus, Youth in Action and of course European Voluntary Service and learned how they can use these programs as a tool against unemployment!

Through methods of non-formal learning, 42 young people developed new knowledge and skills strengthening their position in the labor market. The activity program was varied and included different workshops in different frames.

The young people made a video clip against unemployment by using the lip dub method. Working in mixed groups they shared responsibilites and implement everything by themselves (director, actors, clothes,music,scenario,customs).

Through the whole exchange but mainly during the intercultural evening they realized that European culture is so rich and beautiful as a mosaic composed of different elements.

In orientation /treasure game “Find you Job” through 7 different check points they not only interact each other and with the locals but also got important knowledge about youth unemployment in EU.

By Playing various compass and role games, they informed about their Rights according to employment in EU.

Loesje method helped participants creativity to be expresed as a poster “shouting” their unemployment problems and proposing solutions as well,

Power Point presentations of EU mobility programs and best practices show them the way to the exit of this unemploement tunnel,

Learning writing CVs and prepare for job interview workshops, developed their skills and streghten their position to the labour market.

Voluntary actions such as cleaning the green zone in Olympic village, show them the importance of voluntarish especially when you are unemployed so you can be and feel active. HandJobs vs Blow-Jobs workshop not only made the younf people laugh out loudly (as a title) but it was a precious study visit where they took  interviews from workers in traditional jobs (non popular among youth today , marvel workers), understood that sometimes handjob is better than a blow job (no job at all).

By bus to bus information they informed the local society about our programsas well as with a flash mob.

All above helped participants to develop social, digital, cultural and communication skills.

“Not Another Blow-Job” because 50% of young people in southern Europe has no job

“Not Another Blow-Job” because young people today are working full time looking job and in the end of the day they are still unemployed

“Not Another Blow-Job” because to have a job is a Social Right and must be made on a fair and decent frame

“Not Another Blow-Job” because we can not afford another blow to employment

“Not Another Blow-Job” because although we are unemployed young people, we are active European Citizens who are looking for solutions

From 18 to 26 October 2012, 42 young people from 7 different countries cried loudly in the Olympic Village: “Not Another Blow-Job”! We continue to shout it across Europe!

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·         Mr. Argyris Choulias. President and legal representative of System and G. Age: 31. Nationality: Greek.  Participant: Ms.Diana Batraka. Age: 30. Nationality : Latvian·         I, Diana Batraka participated to the youth exchange not Another Blowjob. Thanks to this project I learnt about the situation of youth unemployment in EU but also tools and programs which I never heard inform and I can use in order to develop my skills and find easier a job.

I saw that no formal learning is something great that gives us the opportunity to learn about boring things in a joyful way. Not Another Blow Job was a project made in that purpose from youth to youth. Offered us a great amount of information about youth unemployment and our Rights as EU citizens through games, video clip making and nice workshops!

After my participation in that project not only I learnt a lot about the topic of the youth exchange and I developed many relevant skills but also I am more self-confident,  I can better express my thoughts and feelings,  I can deal better with new situations and with conflicts(especially culture ones) and  I learned more about myself. Last but not least I learnt how to work with others (in international groups) and thanks to some open space activities and self reflection workshops I learnt how to learn!