25/09-01/10/2013 KLEITORIA/GREECE

Main objective of the programme was to give the young people with intellectual disability the experience of life and work in natural- physical environment. To raise awareness of environment protection and to obtain Green skills and competences that could lead to alternative future employment. Learn about alternative energy sources. To learn about rights and obligations.

Methods used were non-formal education, learning by doing, experiential workshops.  group activities team building activities ,study visits, excursions meetings with local stakeholders,  activities in the nature  exchange of experiences between the participating countries.

Activities carried out by the participants was also presentations of environmental work in their home towns.

The most significant for the programme was the active involvement of the local community.

There was a total inclusion of the participants in the everyday activities in the community.

The programme was a co-production with the Environmental Education Centre of Kleitoria and the local stakeholders.

Outcomes: A network for cooperation between environmental education centres and the Ministry of Education. Cooperation between the project partners on entrepreneurship for people with intellectual disabilities on Green Jobs.

Social inclusion in the local community. The Learning by doing method  raised the awareness of protecting the environment among all the participants despite the country they come from

The participants were young people with intellectual disabilities between 18- 30 years old, from 4 different countries: Finland, Lithuania, Spain and Greece.

Partner organizations:

Optima Jakobstad Finland: a governmental organization providing vocational education and training for young people and adults with special needs.

Afanias Madrid Spain: A non governmental organization providing services for people with intellectual disability

JDC Panevezys Lithuania: A Youth Day Centre Established by Panevezys Town Council providing services for intellectual disabled people.

ESTIA Athens, Greece- a non governmental Support and Social care Centre providing services for people with intellectual disabilities.

Support material:

Web links: http://1drv.ms/150X7WP


Tommy Papp Support workerMarina Savva 30 years old from Greece

‘I learned to stand up for my right to work and the importance of a clean environment.’




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