Transnational Youth Initiatives

Transnational Youth Initiatives is an activity under Key Action 2/ Strategic Partnerships in the field of youth fostering social commitment and entrepreneurial spirit, contributing to the improvement of participants’ creativity and stimulating consultations and discussions on issues and challenges faced by the local communities they live in.

For example, these initiatives may concern:

  • The establishment of (networks of ) social enterprises, associations, clubs, NGOs,
  • Actions for the benefit of the local communities (eg. support to vulnerable groups such as migrants, elderly people, minorities etc)
  • Artistic and cultural initiatives (exhibitions, music performances etc)

A Youth Initiative is a project initiated, set up and carried out by young people themselves. Eventually, participation in youth initiative constitutes a unique non- formal learning experience for the participants.
Youth Initiatives can be implemented by public or private bodies, organizations and informal groups as well, must include at least two partners from two different Programme countries and can last from 6 months up to 2 years